Sunday, August 20, 2006

Highlights of my day:

1) waking up in Charlottesville on the University's move-in weekend for first year students....realizing just how long ago it was that I moved into the Webb dorm (now more than 7 years)

2) driving 2 hours to Dulles Airport at 8 in the morning

3) navigating through the Dulles Airport's construction zone...which will apparently be there for three more years

4) navigating through the Dulles Airport's HEIGHTENED security measures (thanks stupid Al Quaida)

5) doing all of the above with a HUGE head cold, including that a-million-needles-sticking-into-your-eyes-and-nose feeling

6) flying for TWO HOURS back to St. Louis with the aforementioned head cold - the pressure on my ears was excruciating

7) realizing when we landed that I actually couldn't hear anything....and I still can't really hear very much - I think I'm missing phone calls (sorry everybody)

8) standing in a long line at the grocery store while all the new students at Wash U buy their groceries

9) spending over $500 at the bookstore for my books

10) realizing that I have to start back to school tomorrow morning

11) realizing that I'm in St. Louis ALONE while James is in Virginia for the next FOUR WEEKS on a visiting neurosurgery rotation at UVA

It's just one of those days where I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed. I think I'll go get back into it now and stay there until tomorrow.