Monday, March 30, 2009

Back Yard in Early Spring

We've started working on our back yard, and it needs a TON of work. Here's some of what's going on...

We started digging out curved beds on both sides of the yard.

Max isn't much of a help, but he keeps you company!

He loves "his" yard.

We're planning to put a double brick border along all of the beds.

Our first and smallest it has lettuce and shrub roses in it, but this was before we planted it up.

good soil...

A new climbing rose along the new fence.

One of our old roses that we brought from the carriage house garden - see all the new sprouts!

The lilies that we brought are coming back, too!

We put pansies into window boxes along the deck. James wanted purple and yellow b/c those are his fraternity colors!

Our peonies are coming back, too - they're growing fast now.

Rock Climbing

On a cold day a few weeks ago, we went to REI so that James could go rock climbing. He was awesome - his first time up, he decided to climb the expert wall. He got to the top in less than 30 seconds!!! The woman overseeing the rock climbing wall said that they would have to make some of the hand holds "off limits" to make it harder for him!

Hooking up the harness...

Climbing onto the wall...

halfway up

almost all the way up

at the top!!

New Fence

We got a new fence put in on three sides of our yard. The other side already had a wooden fence. We LOVE it!