Friday, August 24, 2012

Charlotte Lee

I just realized that I haven't written on my blog since before Charlotte arrived! 


Well, the second week of July, I was having contractions all through the day, every day.  Real ones. So on July 16, I went to the hospital and told my obgyn that I was ready to have the baby.  She hooked me up to the monitor, checked to see how much I was dilated, and agreed with me!  They gave me a little pitocin to help things speed up a bit, and later that night, right at 7pm, baby Charlotte arrived!

Here's a picture of us all with my mom, who drove into town to see the new baby and help take care of Ella while I was in the hospital.

The last five weeks have been busy and happy, and I will be doing more regular blogging now that I've had a little "maternity leave" from it. 

Hope you've had a good summer!!