Sunday, April 12, 2009

One more week...

I thought I'd update everyone on what's been going on with us lately. For the past three weeks, James has been on a nightfloat rotation at the hospital, which means that he works a 30-hour shift every Sunday (through until Monday morning), and then he works every night from Monday to Friday. He usually has the Saturday off, although he did have to spend one of his Saturdays taking the board exam. In any case, it's exhausting. He has only one more week of it, though, and then he'll be back on regular rotations for the rest of the academic year. This is the third month of nightfloat that he's had to do this year.

I've been pretty busy, too. We have 12 guys trying to graduate in our program next month, so I've been overseeing (and editing) their dissertations. I also had to write the grant report for the Lilly grant that funds the Center for Ministry Leadership, so that took quite a bit of time as well. I'll be happy when it's the end of April, and all of this end-of-the-schoolyear stuff is complete.

Max has kept busy, too. He has an aggressive schedule of naps, snacks, chasing birds, barking at passersby, getting into the trash, and digging in the garden (for which he gets into a lot of trouble.) His favorite time of the day is when his daddy comes home from work, and he loves to jump around and make lots of noise!