Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We got a bunch of snow over the past couple of days here in St. Louis. It's nothing like the snow we used to get in Charlottesville, but it's still enough to bury your car when the snow plows come through...

We're still trying to figure out what kind of plant this is...

Our trusy old snow shovel...

Tower Grove Park, across the street...

Max running and sliding in the snow.

He's like a little kid playing in the back yard. He's loved snow ever since he was a tiny puppy.

Our neighbors' yard.

The boys on our front porch.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life Lessons

Here are some things I learned from my dog...

1) You'll always feel better after a nap on the couch.

2) If you want something, just ask for it.

3) Big brown eyes will get you farther than big muscles.

4) There's no place more comfortable than a cozy lap.

5) Cuddle with those you love the most.

6) Good food makes life happy.

7) No matter how old you are, you still need toys to play with every now and then.

8) ...however, almost ANYTHING can be a toy under the right circumstances.

9) Being sweet is better than being cute, but it really helps if you can be both.

10) Be friends with your neighbors, and try to remember not to bark at them.

11) Make time to smell the roses...and everything else in the back yard....

12) Drink lots of water, but not right before you go to bed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Deep Freeze

Here in our new house, we have a digital temperature read-out on our fridge in the kitchen. Today while I was looking in the fridge to see what I could make for dinner, I realized something interesting. It's COLDER outside than it is in our FREEZER. No kidding...Last night we got down to only one degree, and last night at 9:30, with the wind chill factor included, it was negative 11! Now that's COLD...

In other news, James is still on night float for another week, but that means that tomorrow is his day off. He's home tonight (first time since last Saturday), and he's sitting on the couch playing the new Call of Duty XBox game. Right now he's fighting Nazis, and Max is doing his best to help by barking to scare away all of the German Shepherd dogs that keep trying to attack James. On one hand, it's funny b/c Max is dead serious. He seems to sense when the dogs are about to show up, even before they appear or bark. On the other hand, watching Max in his extremely rare "attack" mode makes it a bit more real...I mean can you imagine a Nazi coming after you with a gun and a pack of German Shepherds that are trained to rip your throat out? I'm glad that our little GSD is such a sweetheart b/c when he's in attack mode, he's scary.

I've started planning my spring garden, and I'm excited to get some seeds started in a few weeks. I haven't bought any yet, but I will soon. I'm planning lots of pretty flowers, as well as tomato plants, zuchinni, cucumbers, and green beans. I think I might also plant some raspberries and black berries, so that I can make jelly and have fresh fruit. Fruit is SO expensive here in the midwest. (Except apples, which are dirt cheap...) It's so much fun to plan your garden during the winter. I never allow myself to look at the seed catalogues until January b/c it helps me get through the winter cold weather doldrums. We're going to dig up the back corner of the yard for vegetables, and we have lots of room in the side yard for flowers. I also want to fill up a bunch of my pots with pretty trailing plants and hang some petunias off the sides of the back deck. Now if we can only keep Max from digging them all up...

James and I were talking today about how we really want to go back to Europe. Neither of us has been to Spain or Switzerland, and we want to go see both. Of course we don't have the money to go right now, but it's fun to think about it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kitchen Island

My parents gave me a kitchen island as a Christmas present. I ordered it from Crate and Barrel, and when it arrived, I had to put it together.

Three large boxes were delivered by UPS...

Lots of pieces to put together...

More pieces...

nice flip-up bar on the back, and three brushed metal hooks on the side

thick butcher block top...

brushed metal knobs on the doors

The finished product!!

The wheels roll and lock, so I can move with wherever I want...LOVE it!!

New Stove

James gave me a new stove for the kitchen as a Christmas gift, and I love are the before and after pictures...

This was the old stove that came with our house. The burners tilted to the side, and several of the buttons and knobs were missing...

You can tell how old and rusty it was...

This burner was the worst - all the contents of your pan would slide to one side b/c the burner wouldn't lay flat.

The clock/timer was broken, of course.


Digital read-out with all kinds of fun buttons!

Cast iron burner grates with gas burners.

Huge oven...5.2 square feet!

I am delighted, to say the least!


This was our first Christmas away from our families, but we still had a great day. Here are some pictures!

Our tree...nine feet tall!!

James sitting by the presents, under the tree

The present pile - we had things to open from each other, my parents, James's parents, all of our brothers and sisters, and my grandmother!

James and Max were eager to open presents, but I made them pose for a few pictures first.

My nana sent me a pretty white tea set!

Pretty flower arrangement from Rita Riley

Chocolate reindeer on each place setting at the table...

We had friends over for Christmas brunch, and this was the table setting...

Stockings...(guess which one belongs to Max?)

Max put on his reindeer ears for a few minutes...

James plays with his toys under the tree.

Tired after a long, fun day...