Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halo 3

As many of you probably already know, the Halo 3 came out for the Xbox 360 this past week, and despite the fact that he has spent over 100 hours at the hospital this week (including two overnight calls), James has already beat the game. He's now enjoying playing the multiplayer online levels against other people from around the world. This is really nothing new to us, but what IS new is the fact that James now has a trusty new sidekick in his battle against the Covenant and the Flood....Max. They sit side by side during the game, and any time James gets into a skirmish, Max barks and growls to scare off the bad guys. The funny thing works!!

Of course, every once in awhile an especially scary and loud bad guy will come on the screen, and Max will get frightened, so he'll run and hide behind James until the bad guy is gone.

After a long day of battling the forces of evil, this trusty sidekick needed a nap...

Puppy Preschool

A couple weeks ago, we took Max to his first day of obedience school at Petsmart, and he's working hard on learning not to jump up, to meet other dogs politely (without barking), to sit, lay down, etc.

Here he is after James buckled him into the back seat for the ride across town. He's very solemn at first while contemplating the idea of going to "puppy preschool"...will the other kids like him? Will he make friends? And MOST importantly, will they get a snack?

Here are some of the other dogs in the class...

Max learns how to sit!! Yay!!!

James congratulates him on his new skill...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Swearing In

I was sworn into the Missouri Bar this past week, and it was so cool! Here are some pictures:

Me and my old friend Thomas Jefferson (I can't escape...)

Mom came to see me sworn in!

Holding my license...

Signing the Missouri Roll of Attorneys...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Balloon Race

This afternoon James and I went to the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, which takes place right in front of our house, across the street in the park. It's an annual tradition, but we've never been there before, so it was really fun to see all the big hot air balloons.

They also had lots of fun rides and games for little kids, including inflatable slides...

and there was a HUGE line for the pony rides...

They also had five guys jump out of an airplane and parachute into the crowd. It was really cool, and now James says that he wants to try it. (I don't think so...)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Babies, Elephants, and other fun stuff

James had a vacation recently, so we went home to Georgia to see my family for a week. It was really fun - we flew down to Savannah to see all the extended family, and to attend a party that my aunts were giving for Jordan and Sarah. While we were there, we went swimming, and Anna Kate LOVED being in the pool with her Uncle James!

Jonathan and Lisa went with us to take the kids down to River Street to see the sights. Tyler and Madeline had so much fun riding the ferry boat across to the Westin.

When we got back to Covington, Meghan took us to the Atlanta Zoo for a backstage tour! We got to feed the elephants and hang out with the zookeepers - it was so cool!