Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello Everybody! MY LITTLE SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!! Isn't that awesome! I'm so excited. Tom proposed in Centennial Olympic Park right by the fountains (see the picture) and it was so pretty! He had a friend hiding with a camera, and then he took Meghan to the Sundial restaurant. They're going to get married in about a year and a half in spring of 2008. YAY!!!

We went home this past weekend for James to do his residency interview at the Medical College of Georgia. Meghan came home for Saturday night, and we went shopping with Mom. I got to see her ring, and it's beautiful. Tom did a really good job picking it out! Dad has been working in the yard, and it looks awesome.

This coming weekend, we're going out to Los Angeles to visit family out there. It will be nice to get to a warmer climate for a few days...it's been FREEZING here in St. Louis.