Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving on up...

There is excitement in the Sagar household today - after a year of doing without them, we're finally getting a dishwasher and a garbage disposal installed! Surprisingly, our main motivation for getting the dishwasher is not actually the washing of is, rather, sanitation. I'm a germophobe, and it has been really difficult for me to deal with having to sterilize my cutting boards and dishes with clorox bleach rather than being able to put them on the hot cycle in the dishwasher. Once you let bleach sit on things for several minutes, it is hard to make sure you got it all back OFF, so it's a pain!

It's quite an ordeal to get the dishwasher installed, since this house has never had one before. The contractor brought an electrician and a plumber, as well as a guy to pull out the cabinets, since we have to do everything from scratch. I figured, since they're going to be doing so much under the sink, I might as well have them put in a garbage disposal, too, so we're having that done simultaneously. I took a few "before" pictures at the beginning of the process, and I'll take some "after" pictures to show what it looks like when it's finished!

Here is the cabinet that's being ripped out, minus the doors, which have already been taken off...

It will be handy to have the dishwasher right beside the sink.

That's the dishwasher, right out of the box, with the garbage disposal sitting in the little box to the left.

It's a GE Adora - not the biggest dishwasher, but the biggest one that would fit in our cabinet space.