Saturday, May 20, 2006

I've been surprisingly busy since school ended. As soon as I got home from my last exam, I started working on the project that is my summer job so that I could bill some hours, and I've been basically working on it every day since then. Last week, I flew home for the weekend to attend Jonathan's graduation from the Medical College of Georgia, which was really nice. It's funny to think that my dad did the exact same thing at the same place before I was even born! So now there are TWO Dr. Pattons - Dr. Henry and Dr. Jonathan. I might as well just admit right here that I'll never think of Jonathan as a doctor. To me he'll always be that guy who rented me his crayons when he was 7, shot Jordan in the rear end when he was 10, and tried to vacuum my toes off when he was 12. He's going to stay in Augusta, Georgia to do his residency, so they're living in the same house. I think that's really nice - it's so expensive to move, and they'll be close to home, which Lisa will love four months from now when she's got 3 kids.

I also went home to pick up the car that Nana is letting us use, but I had to fly back early because James and I got invited to a party at the head of neurosurgery's house back in St. Louis. We went to the party on Tuesday night, and it was really nice - we met lots of people that were good for James to meet, and we even got to talk to Dr. John Jane, who is the famous neurosurgeon at UVa - the one who did the neurosurgery on Christopher Reeve (aka Superman). Dr. Jane was really nice, and I think that he'd be a fun guy to know. James and I both had a good time, and I'm glad that I flew back for the party because I think that it made it easier for James to talk to people.

We had lots of the guys in the medical school over tonight to watch fighting on television, and they're all excited because next weekend is the Ultimate Fighting Championship #60....where Royce Gracie is fighting Matt Hughes. It should be a great fight because they're both famous MMA fighters. It's going to be on pay per view, so everybody is going to pitch in and come over to watch it. Hopefully when it's over, I'll have time to do a fight recap and let everyone know who won each of the fights.

Okay, well I'm tired, so I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hello, lovely people...I'm FINALLY DONE WITH EXAMS!!!!!!!!! I finished my second year of law school yesterday when I turned in my last exam, and I am so glad that I went ahead and finished those things early, because I could not study any more if my life depended on it. James had the day off today (finally) so we just spent the whole day playing. We slept really late this morning and then skipped breakfast in favor of an early lunch at the Macaroni Grill, which was FREE since I had a gift certificate. Then we went to Best Buy to return something and to Sports Authority to buy James a muay thai pad that he wanted to use to work out. Then we went to Borders and read magazines, which we love to do and haven't done in a long time. We were there like an hour and a half just hanging out.

Then we drove out of the city to west county to the Bentley/Maserati/Ferrari/Rolls Royce/pretty much any ridiculously expensive car dealership to look at the cars. I'm not really into cars at all, but it's still fun to go there with James because he's like a 5 year old in Toys-R-Us. They know us, so they trust us enough to let us sit inside the cars (you can't normally touch them). Today we played with the Bentley's new car, the Flying Spur. It was beautiful!!! We want one in this really cool blue/black color with the light leather interior and the full back seat. (So if anybody has $200,000 that they don't need and would like to give us, feel free to do so!) We played at the dealership for about an hour and a half, and when we left, James gave me a big hug and said "Thanks for taking me to the toystore!! I had so much fun!!" Ha, ha, ha!

Then we went to Ben and Jerry's, across the street from the car place, to get some ice cream. We ate it at one of the cute little tables outside, and then we went to lay on a blanket in the park beside the boathouse. It was so nice to just sit outside and pretend that we don't have to live in a city. James never minded cities before (I always hated them) but I think that by the time we leave St. Louis, I will have at least one reason to be thankful for living here....This place has made James HATE cities and want to live somewhere quiet, out in the country. We think Savannah would be nice.

I'm going to start working tomorrow. I've been doing nothing but exams for 7 days, and I got all 4 of them done, so now it's back to the potboilers. I'll probably get up in the morning tomorrow, run on the treadmill, and then dive into getting all of the files that I have at home finished. My work this summer, which is mostly on prison litigation, is going to be pretty boring, but I'm really thankful to have it. It will pay the bills (hopefully) while still allowing me to spend some time at home and get out of St. Louis for awhile. Hopefully I'll be able to spend a few weeks in Georgia at least.

I am going to be at Mom and Dad's house a bit next week because I'm going home for Jonathan's graduation. I'm going to fly home, go to the graduation, ride to Savannah with Nana, pick up the car that she has for James, and then drive it back to St. Louis. That'll probably take about 6 days because I need the car to get checked out and insured before I can drive it back, so hopefully it'll all work out. James is working all night shifts for the next three weeks, anyway, so he wouldn't be around, and it seemed like a good time to get all this done.

Okay, well James just finished his workout, so I'm going to go hang out! See ya later.

Monday, May 01, 2006

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