Wednesday, November 09, 2011


What was Ella for Halloween? 

I'm so glad you asked!

She was...drumroll please....Cinderella! 

It seemed appropriate, given her nickname, as well as her overwhelming obsession with the movie.  It's one of two Disney movies that she asks to watch every single day...all day.  No, we don't actually let her watch tv every day, but she would have this one on repeat if we allowed it.  She was delighted with her costume...

I've never taken her trick-or-treating before, but the block behind our house is really safe, and we have lots of friends back there, so this year, we did it.  Here we are, all ready to go!

James had a really bad cold, so he didn't feel up to going.  Instead, my friend Katie came with us.  She was pretty excited, and Ella was thrilled to have her along!

Once we got home, I bathed Ella and put her to bed.  Then Katie and I ate her candy.

The End.