Thursday, January 26, 2006

The job interview was not cool. The woman was fine, but she is only paying TEN dollars an hour. In college, that would have been fine, but that's really low for a second year law student. If I did ten hours of work for her, she'd bill her clients 700 dollars for it and only pay me 100!! That's just not cool...most of my friends are making like 20-30 dollars an hour at least. I'd take the job if it was something that I really wanted to do, but it's not, so I'm going to turn it down. Oh well.

I'm sitting in my Religion and the Constitution class right now, and we're discussing what the government's definition of "religion" should be. What does a belief system have to have in order to be a "religion"? What do you think? What should the courts say needs to be present in order to be protected by law?

So my computer crashed 2 days ago, and I pretty much lost everything. I got some of my notes back, but I can't get them off the computer in any way other than to retype them onto James's that will probably be my weekend activity. This will be the second time I've had to format my harddrive in 7 months...grrr. I am wondering if I have a defective harddrive. All you computer people out there, please weigh in. I could use some experienced opinions...

Monday, January 23, 2006

I have an interview tomorrow in Clayton for a job in family law, which is the area that interests me. I still need a job for the summer, and this one seems to be a good one for me....there's just one problem. She wants me to work during the schoolyear, too. I wouldn't mind picking up some hours this spring - heaven knows we need the cash - but this is the busiest semester of my LIFE so I'm a little worried about having the time to do my schoolwork. Of course, if she pays enough, I'll be taking the job no matter what - I'll just have to work on Saturdays. Anyway, I'll let you all know what I decide to do.

So we had some big news a week ago....Lisa is having ANOTHER BABY!!!! YAY!!! I just can't wait to have another Tyler or Maddy around. I got a phone call from Tyler today, and it was hilarious to talk to him on the phone. We got some little bathtub stickers at the zoo the other day and mailed them to him. They're little plastic stickers in the shape of animals, and you're supposed to stick them on the side of the tub. He got them in the mail today, and he called to tell us thank you. He's so hilarious...I asked him what he was doing, and he said "I'm playing with Mama and Daddy." Then when I asked him what he was playing, he said that he was getting into the bathtub. Then Lisa got on the phone to tell me that even though it was the middle of the day, Tyler wanted to get into the tub to play with his stickers =). Ha, ha, ha! I love that kid.

James got a new Xbox 360 game's called Perfect Dark. I got it on ebay, so it was a good price, and he's been playing with it for about an hour. He says it's a cross between Halo and Splinter Cell, so it's a good game. He also has the FIFA 2006 Soccer game and the Call of Duty game for the 360, and his friends have been over here every spare moment to play them. Those guys crack me up. They have such a good time together.

Okay, well I think that I'm off to bed. I've got class and an interview tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Today is my first day back at school for the spring semester, and I'm really tired already. (I haven't even been to class yet.) I'm taking a seminar this semester, and that will be a lot more work than most classes - I have to turn in a big paper at the end of it, and there will be tons of reading. I'll get through it, but I feel lots of sympathy with Meghan's looming busy semester.

I finished reading the Harry Potter books last night, and I will admit that they're better than I originally thought when I tried to read the first one several years ago. I think that they are getting progressively better, and J.K. Rowling has an astounding imagination. The only problem is that the better the books get, the more predictable they are. (NOTICE: If you haven't read the books...spoiler ahead...) When one considers that Harry's parents both died to protect him as a child and that Cedric died trying to protect him (both of them) in the Goblet of Fire, it was pretty obvious that Sirius would die in book five and that Dumbledore would die in book six. Neither of them would have let Harry face Voldemort alone, as he will inevitably have to do at the end, thus we knew they were going to die. (Besides, Sirius would never have been able to have a normal life after his time with the Dementors, and Dumbledore was obviously preparing the readers for his death by talking about how it was nothing to fear...) Perhaps even more obvious was the fact that Snape was the half-blood Prince...the author threw in a few too many clues to give that one away. I won't tell you my predictions for Snape's future, for fear of spoiling the future book, but I will tell you (honestly) whether I was right after it comes out.

Anyway...I did enjoy reading them...they're really interesting, and I'm glad Jordan and Meghan talked me into it. I would never give them to a little kid to read, however, and I don't think I'm going to read them again myself. When I finished the sixth book, I had the same feeling that I had the day I met the witch doctor in Haiti. (The one who was casting spells on our missions team.) I know that some people think that "magic" is a joke, and NO I'm not crazy, but I've seen things that most people have never seen. There is no such thing as a "good" witch or wizard - the Bible is very clear about that.

Okay, well, I'd better get to class...hope everyone had a good Christmas!