Sunday, April 25, 2010


The third weekend in April, we flew home to have Ella baptized at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Covington, Georgia.

Her Papa was the elder who assisted in the service.

a family picture in mom and dad's back yard

Nana Griffin flew up from Savannah for the occasion

pretty girl!

a family portrait on the back porch


Anna Kate holds Ella for the first time!

the cake was YUMMY!

visiting with Gigi on the back porch

Rev. Rob Rienstra, the minister who baptized Ella

Meeting Nana Sagar

During the second week of April, Ruth came to visit her first grand-baby.

Meeting her Nana Sagar

a trip to the botanical garden to see all of the cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden

Ella was a little sleepy!

Meghan and Lisa

Ella also had a visit from Aunt Meghan and Aunt Lisa!

Cuddling with Aunt Meghan on the couch

Max decides to join the group

Hanging out with Aunt Lisa

Playing dress-up with some new accessories that her aunts brought her!

Snuggling with Mama

a quick nap...

Visitors and Such

Ella had some visitors during her first couple of weeks at home, and she also had several new experiences - like baths in the kitchen sink!

not too happy about being pulled out of the warm bath water into the cold kitchen

our friend Megan Washington

Papa comes to see his newest little grand-baby Bulldawg!

Gigi stayed with us for a week and helped us to figure out all of the new things we needed to learn...she also came to the rescue when James and I both got a stomach virus the first week we were at home.

2 Week Formal Portraits

When she was two and a half weeks old, we took Ella for some formal portraits at a local studio. They turned out great!

She was already holding her head up on her own, too, by the way!

Ella Belle

So we had the baby =) See facebook for more pictures.

Arriving at the hospital to start our new adventure - can you tell we're excited? Ha, ha!

Here I am at Barnes, in labor!

Elizabeth Anne Sagar, about a minute after she was born!

Beautiful flowers from Papa and Gigi Patton, for the new little lady.

she's not too sure what she thinks about this whole outside the womb thing...

but daddy makes everything better

A visit from our friend Katie Baird

and a visit from our friend Kim Chik, who stopped by on her way to work

coming home from the hospital!