Monday, January 23, 2006

I have an interview tomorrow in Clayton for a job in family law, which is the area that interests me. I still need a job for the summer, and this one seems to be a good one for me....there's just one problem. She wants me to work during the schoolyear, too. I wouldn't mind picking up some hours this spring - heaven knows we need the cash - but this is the busiest semester of my LIFE so I'm a little worried about having the time to do my schoolwork. Of course, if she pays enough, I'll be taking the job no matter what - I'll just have to work on Saturdays. Anyway, I'll let you all know what I decide to do.

So we had some big news a week ago....Lisa is having ANOTHER BABY!!!! YAY!!! I just can't wait to have another Tyler or Maddy around. I got a phone call from Tyler today, and it was hilarious to talk to him on the phone. We got some little bathtub stickers at the zoo the other day and mailed them to him. They're little plastic stickers in the shape of animals, and you're supposed to stick them on the side of the tub. He got them in the mail today, and he called to tell us thank you. He's so hilarious...I asked him what he was doing, and he said "I'm playing with Mama and Daddy." Then when I asked him what he was playing, he said that he was getting into the bathtub. Then Lisa got on the phone to tell me that even though it was the middle of the day, Tyler wanted to get into the tub to play with his stickers =). Ha, ha, ha! I love that kid.

James got a new Xbox 360 game's called Perfect Dark. I got it on ebay, so it was a good price, and he's been playing with it for about an hour. He says it's a cross between Halo and Splinter Cell, so it's a good game. He also has the FIFA 2006 Soccer game and the Call of Duty game for the 360, and his friends have been over here every spare moment to play them. Those guys crack me up. They have such a good time together.

Okay, well I think that I'm off to bed. I've got class and an interview tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!