Monday, September 04, 2006

I just got back home from a long but tiring weekend in Virginia. James is in Charlottesville for a month doing a visiting rotation at UVA, and I went to visit him for the weekend. I almost didn't make it because my flight to Washington DC was scheduled for Friday afternoon - right in the middle of the hurricane! Fortunately, I managed to get onto a flight late Thursday afternoon and get to C'ville before the storm hit. I flew back tonight, and now I'm really tired from all the travel.

We had a lot of fun this weekend, though. We drove out to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was SO beautiful. We ate at all the best restaurants, too - Panda Garden, Amigo's, Cafe Europa, etc. We even walked around the Pi Lam house, and it was amazingly clean. (They must have gotten some good pledges for this year, because I would hardly have recognized the house inside - it looked so much cleaner!) James is staying at the house of a friend of the Sagar family, a really sweet lady named Robbie Munn, and her house is beautiful. I had so much fun talking to her and playing with all her cats! It made me want a pet so much!

Okay, well I'd better get some sleep...I'm really worn out from 8 hours of travelling today, and I've got class tomorrow morning. Fortunately, it'll all be done soon....