Monday, February 18, 2008

Foot Locker??

When I was a kid, we used to buy shoes at Foot Locker all the time, and it was a nice store. The people who worked there were friendly, and you could take anybody into the store without worrying about exposing them to something objectionable. Still think it's like that? THINK AGAIN...

Tonight, James and I went to a Foot Locker store in University City, which is a section of St. Louis just a couple miles from our house. When we walked inside, everything seemed fine...until I started to listen to the rap that they were playing over the speaker system. Within about 30 seconds, I'd heard no fewer than 12 of the worst swear words and quite a bit of explicit sex talk. I couldn't believe it - my parents used to take me into that store when I was 5 years old...but I would NEVER take anyone into that store now...especially not a child! I'll be calling their corporate headquarters in the morning to make a formal complaint. I was so disappointed - I used to like that store and shop there all the time. But not anymore.

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