Monday, March 30, 2009

Back Yard in Early Spring

We've started working on our back yard, and it needs a TON of work. Here's some of what's going on...

We started digging out curved beds on both sides of the yard.

Max isn't much of a help, but he keeps you company!

He loves "his" yard.

We're planning to put a double brick border along all of the beds.

Our first and smallest it has lettuce and shrub roses in it, but this was before we planted it up.

good soil...

A new climbing rose along the new fence.

One of our old roses that we brought from the carriage house garden - see all the new sprouts!

The lilies that we brought are coming back, too!

We put pansies into window boxes along the deck. James wanted purple and yellow b/c those are his fraternity colors!

Our peonies are coming back, too - they're growing fast now.


Meghan said...

Geez, woman. What did you do? Store up all of your information and then just do 3 posts at once? haha I checked your blog all the time, and then, all in a sudden, there are three new posts! Well I'll say that: 1. I love the new fence. Was that expensive? We need to get a fence also. 2. Go James! That's crazy. I want to learn to rock climb. 3. Love the garden plans! You guys always do such a nice job. Tom and I want to plant some things, but I have a bad feeling that Sam and Liam would dig everything up and then proceed to chew it up. And maybe eat it. haha

Kristen said...

Thanks! Yeah, this is my busy season of the year (through April), so I can only do it when I have the time.

The fence was really expensive - we paid almost two thousand dollars, and it wasn't even that big of a fence. It is really a good one, though, and that was the lowest estimate that I got.

There is stuff that you can spray on plants to keep the dogs off it. We used to have that problem with Max, too, and then we got this stuff at Petsmart called "bitter yuck." It's clear and odor-free, but it tastes gross. He HATES it, so I spray it on everything when he's feeling chewy. It instantly breaks him of the habit.

Meghan said...

we got bitter yuck for our guys. We have SOAKED stuff in it,and they still go back to it. They are aggressive chewers. I hadn't thought about doing that on plants though. I'm more worried that they will dig up the plants. They (especially Liam) LOVE to dig in dirt, even more so if it's loose soil or sand. We'll just have to see, I guess. =)

Vicky said...

The fence is so nice but I think my favorite is the brick edging on the flower beds--beautiful! It won't be long and you will have flowers everywhere! Don't you love Spring?