Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Garden Pictures

We got a new camera this week, and I took a whole bunch of pictures of our back yard! Here they are...

A picture from the side alley

The sweet william!

The back right bed, with hollyhocks, salvia, and marigolds...

one of our tomato plants - they've just started growing a lot...

the better boy tomato bed

the climbing beans are finally coming up!

our dreamweaver roses are climbing the trellis

the snapdragons underneath the tree roses

I love these new annuals, but I can't remember their name

I love these, too...

don juan climbing rose

these are pretty, too...

The tree roses have really started blooming!

Here is one of the pots beside the grill

The pots beside the deck stairs.

The bed in front of the house!

I put in hydrangeas, patriot hostas, azaleas, and impatiens...

Here's a view of the back yard from our bedroom window...

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tom said...


Awesome stuff. Meghan and I are looking forward to getting our backyard into shape shortly after vacation. I've done *some* weeding and cutting, but we've not planted anything yet.

See you guys this weekend,