Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh, Baby!

I'm sure most of the readers of this blog already know this, but we're having a baby!! YAY!!! I've been extremely sick, but it's been fun to see all of our baby pictures from sonograms that the doctors have done. Right now, we're calling the baby "Peanut," but we'll find out whether it's a boy or a girl on October 5! We're due some time between March 6-9. Here are our pictures so far...

This one is 6 weeks, 2 days. Usually you don't see the doctor until you're at least 8 weeks, but I was so violently sick that they told me to come to the hospital.

This was 8 weeks, 2 days. It's so cool to see the little head and the left eye! We could also see the heartbeat on the screen.

This was at 12 weeks, 2 days. It's a little unclear, but you can see the head, face up, at the bottom, with the little body coming up to the left. That teeny little bump at the top of the baby is it's feet.

This was also at 12 weeks, 2 days, and you can see the baby sucking its thumb here. That little white circle in the middle of the screen is a fist.

The same ultrasound - but you can really see the fist here. The doctor told the baby to move around so that we could get a better profile picture, and when she poked it, the baby shook its fist at her! It was SO funny.


Meghan said...


My fave is the last one! =) Love it!

Sarah Jayne said...

I agree with Meghan and what you said when we spoke last weekend -- just like James! Now you may have two people accidentally punching you in their sleep :)