Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy Day Thoughts

So I'm the only person awake in our house right now.  Ella is upstairs asleep in the crib, James is asleep on one end of the couch, and Max is snoring on the other end of the couch.  I'd love to nod off myself, but I know that the moment I do, the baby will wake up, so I'm going to fight the urge.

Why is everyone in dreamland? 

I'm not completely sure, but there are several possible reasons:
1) We've had a virus going around our house, so we are all worn out and not feeling our best.
2)  It's one of those weird, cold, rainy, misty, dark, stay-in-the-house-and-sleep days that you only seem to get in St. Louis during the month of May.  Did I mention that it's the month of MAY right now?  Because I think the weather might think it's actually early March...
3)  We've been staying up too late instead of going to bed early because we've had a lot going on, so we're sleepy anyway. 
4)  We got up and did errands today, and it's tiring to haul around a baby, a carseat, a diaper bag, food, and whatever stuff you bought at the store.

So, I'm sure one of those is the reason that everyone else is asleep.  Or maybe all of them.  Or maybe 3/4 of them.  Who knows?  

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