Monday, September 19, 2011

If You Give a Toddler a Cookie...

Have you ever read that children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?"

Well, here's the Ella version...

If you give a toddler a cookie, she's going to want a glass of milk.

If you get her a glass of milk, she's going to remember that it comes from a cow.

If she thinks about cows, she's going to run upstairs to the playroom to get her book about farm animals.

If she runs upstairs to the playroom, she will stop on the stair landing to play with your glass candle holders.

If you ask her to stop playing with the glass candle holders, she will turn around and run up the rest of the stairs to the playroom.

If she gets to the playroom, she will start sorting through her toys to look for her book.

If she sorts through her toys to find her book, she will find her bucket and shovel that she used to play in the sand at the beach.

If she finds her beach toys, she will run to her room to find her bathing suit.

If she pulls out her pink bathing suit, she will want to wear it.

If she wants to wear it, she will put it on...over her clothes. 

If she puts on her bathing suit over her clothes, you have to take a picture.

If you have to take a picture, she will have to smile and look adorable.

If she looks that adorable, you will inevitably give her another cookie.

Don't believe me? 

Well, here's the proof...


Jessie S. said...

this is just awesome

Vicky said...

Love it! And I am impressed that she can dress herself!

Kristen said...

She spends a lot of time practicing putting on clothes and taking them off...

Katie Baird said...

Really... ARE YOU SURE SHE'S NOT MY KID?! The dancing, the constant moving from thing to thing? Hmm She spent a lot of time with her Aunt Katie. I'm so proud!!! I love my Bug!