Monday, December 19, 2011

Flyin High

First of all, THANK YOU to all of the friends and famly that prayed for me today while Ella and I flew to Atlanta.  I was very nervous about this flight, since James wouldn't be there to take care of Ella in case I got sick.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty bad, and I finally decided to take a double dose of my Zofran.  You can either take 4mg every 4 hours or you can take 8 mg every 6 hours.  James made the executive decision to have me take the high dose, and I had a much better day today. 

We took a wheelchair to the plane, since I wanted to rest as much as possible.  Ella and I flew AirTran, and I love this airline.  The people are helpful and friendly, and the flight attendants are so accommodating.  I really appreciate all of their help today.  Ella was also a perfect little angel on the flight.  Usually she gets antsy and wants to get down on the floor and run all over the place, but today, she just sat quietly on my lap, read books, and ate animal crackers.  She smiled and cuddled, and even let me get up to go to the bathroom, while the flight attendants watched her.  That's a HUGE deal, since she usually gets hysterical if her parents go somewhere she can't see them.  But not today.  She just read her book and hung out until I got back.  Praise the Lord!!!

Now I'm at my parents' house, and I'm going to get a shower and go to bed.  Tomorrow we've got cousins coming over to play with her, and then on Wednesday, James will be here.  Thanks again for all of your prayers.  Please keep praying for me...I'm not out of the woods yet.


April Barber said...

so happy to hear things went well. i take the 8mg dose. praying for you friend.

Katie Baird said...

Glad to hear it wasn't dramatic! I know how those flights can be. Love you tons and tons and tons.