Monday, October 31, 2005

We had a great weekend...on Saturday morning when James got back from the hospital, we went out to a vinyard west of St. Louis called Marcelle Vinyard. It's really nice up's up on top of a hill that overlooks some pretty trees (which are now orange and red and yellow =) It was great because St. Louis is not a pretty place at all, so we like to get out of it as often as we can. About 12 of our friends went with us, and we pushed a bunch of tables and chairs into a long line and then just sat around talking and playing cards and trying the wine. James and I both thought that the wine was pretty terrible, but it was still lots of fun to spend time with everyone. The medical students are all doing their clinical rotations right now, so we don't get to see them (somebody is always on call) and we try to take as much time together as we can.

After we got home on Saturday, we watched one of the best movies EVER...The Karate Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen that movie in awhile (I hadn't seen it in like 18 years) you have to watch it again! I had forgotten that Elizabeth Shue played Allie, the girl in the movie. It's SO funny...just go watch it!

Sunday was nice, too. The sermon was really good - the assistant pastor Greg Johnson preached on "The Poor" and it was really challenging to think about my own attitude toward that segment of the world. We got our picture taken for the church directory (our first married picture for the church made us feel like a FAMILY =) Then after church we had lunch and made a quick trip to Walmart. (I'm SO Southern...)

When we got home, we watched a little bit of the Matrix Reloaded...the fight scenes are awesome, and maybe we'll watch the rest of it this afternoon!