Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nursery Furniture

Well, we finally got some furniture into the nursery! My parents got us our crib, and we saved up and bought the changing table, so both of them were delivered this weekend. Now the only furniture that we need is the rocking chair that we've picked out.

James has been on call all weekend, so he hasn't been home since 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning...which means that I put the furniture together myself. No problem! Here's what we've got so far...

This is our crib! It's a Babi Italia Pinehurst lifestyle crib, which means that it will convert into a toddler bed and an adult bed if we buy a couple more pieces. At first, I didn't care about that, but I'm starting to think that it might be kind of nice. I put some of the crib bedding inside so that I could see how it looks in the purple room, and it's cute!

Here's the changing table. I'm so glad that we were able to get one with drawers for storage, since there really isn't anywhere else to keep this little girl's clothes! The changing pad on top came from Meghan, the wipe warmer from Kathy Greco, and the diaper pail from Patti McFarlin, so things are coming together!

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Meghan said...

It looks so good!!! How cute is that bedding against the purple walls?! Love it.

I really love how dark the wood furniture is for the baby. So pretty. I love dark wood furniture!

I just can't wait to visit!