Tuesday, February 01, 2011


That's what they're calling our current weather pattern, and I find it oddly appropriate.  I spent 2 hours chipping ice off our cars this afternoon so that I could defrost them a bit and move them to a side street.  Unfortunately, since we live on a main road, the cars can't stay parked in front of the house or the snow plows might hit them.  It's called a "snow route," and if we leave our cars out, they will get ticketed and possibly destroyed!  Not cool.

So I headed out with the snow scraper, and this ice was no joke. 

For those of you who have never had to deal with an ice storm, it's sorta like this.  You know when you make those really big ice cubes in the ice cube trays, and they're hard and thick?  (Not like snowy, puffy ice?)  Well, imagine that kind of ice about half an inch thick ALL OVER YOUR CAR.  Not cool.  I couldn't even get any of the doors open on the Honda Pilot, so I finally had to break into the trunk and climb over the seats.  Then, after running the defroster for about 20 minutes, I was able to ram the doors open from the inside using my shoulder.  Then, after about 15 minutes more, I was able to get our huge (3 foot long) snow scraper and start chipping away at the ice on the windshield...all the while standing in ice above my ankles. 

Thank goodness for my snow boots! 

In any case, that's done now, so we should be fine.  I went to the grocery store on Sunday night to stock up on our groceries, so we've got enough food for the week.  We should be fine as long as our electricity doesn't go out.  That makes me a little nervous, especially because I REALLY don't want our pipes in the basement to freeze and burst, but we'll see what happens.

Ella is thrilled because her daddy is staying home all day, and she loves to play when we're both here.  She brings all of her toys up to show them to her daddy, and he gets so excited!  (I guess she figures that I see her toys all the time, so there's no point in showing them to me...)  He'll probably be at home tomorrow, too, since on top of this ice storm, we're supposed to get about a foot of snow.


Maybe tomorrow, I'll post some pictures.


Corrin said...

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh. I know it was terrible, but I loved the image of you crawling over the seats.

Vicky said...

Where was James in all this? Maybe he can take a turn doing this next time? I am sure he wouldn't mind--he's a good man.

Kristen said...

To be perfectly fair, James wanted to do it himself, but I convinced him to let me do it. I didn't have a workout today, and I thought it would help me get some exercise. Also, Ella was making me a little nuts, so I wanted to get out of the house while he stayed in and played with her.

Sarah Jayne said...

Though it looks like it is going to miss us, I wish it would swing down the the 'Burgh. I could do with a few days off of school... And I feel ya with the scrapping of cars. Our arrangement is that I deal with digging out the car and Jordan keeps the sidewalk clear.