Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Adventures: Car Show Part One

Remember how I told you that we go on family adventures most Saturdays?  Well, today we went on a BIG one.  Where did we go?

The Saint Louis Auto Show at the Edward Jones Dome.


Okay, I admit that I didn't used to care that much about cars.  And I still don't care THAT much about cars.  But this is my eighth year in a row to go to the annual auto show downtown, and I actually now think it's kind of fun.  Most of the fun involves watching James climb into car after truck after van after convertible, getting more and more excited with each one.

 James loved this Dodge Ram 1500.

  This was Ella's first trip, and she enjoyed taking in all the sights, too!

 I think this was a Camaro?

...and back to the trucks...

We took a break to get a snack, and Ella was fascinated by James's pretzel.
First, she studied it....

Then she licked it...

Then she decided to commit to a real bite...out of the piece that James already had in his mouth!

 I think she liked it, because she didn't spit it out!

She also wanted to try out some of the trucks herself.  Here's a Ford F150!  (Shout out to Matt Murphy!!)

Randomly, I took some pictures of the big Econoline vans, since I spent thousands of hours in these babies when I was a kid...

If Ella had been a bit older, we might have tried the rock climbing wall...

...and maybe the moonbounce...

 It was a fun morning!  I can't wait until the day when we can afford to buy James a truck. 

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