Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink Slippers

It's amazing to watch a kid learn to love something.  To see them go from a sleepy, tiny infant to an actual kid who has ideas and opinions.  Lately, Ella has developed quite a fancy for shoes.  Any kid of shoes.  Large ones, small ones, in between ones, red ones, black ones, shiny ones, ones with heels, ones that you run in, ones that you dance in, and other ones.  She'll raid my closet at any time of day she can reach it.  Pretty much every morning when I am busy making the bed, she comes in to join me for a shoe session.  She'll throw James's red tie around her neck out of his closet, slip on my high heels, and prance around until people start to admire her.  She LOVES the ones with heels.

But her pink slippers are her special shoes.

I think that she feels like a princess in these slippers.  She hunts them up every day, puts her tiny toes into them, and then gives you the "...okay, now I feel SO pretty" look. 

Of course, her favorite thing to do is dance in them...after all, isn't that what slippers are meant for?


Vicky said...

She is definitely so pretty in her pink slippers! Her Aunt Meghan will be so proud to hear about her love of shoes!

Meghan said...

She is DEFINITELY my niece. lol