Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back on the Market

You might remember that we had our house up for sale last year for a LONG time.  And it didn't sell, despite the 30+ times that people came to see it.  (Translation:  despite the 30+ times I had to spend 2-3 hours cleaning it, fixing it up, buying/cutting flowers for vases to put on the tables, packing up my baby during what always ended up being her naptime, and for several months my dog too, and leaving my house for an hour or two with nowhere to go.) 

Yeah, I don't really like having my house on the market.  I once heard a friend describe it as "being forced to live in a museum, where you're not allowed to touch anything."  That's a pretty good description. 

Well, we're back on the market again.  We put the house back up last week, and within 24 hours, we had three showings scheduled - 2 for Saturday and one more Monday (tomorrow).  I guess I should be excited about that, but my past disappointments with this experience have conditioned me to not actually believe that showings lead to offers, much less sales.  It just seems ridiculous to have had more than 30 showings in the past, and NO OFFERS.  We're really hoping that we'll have a better experience this time, especially now that we've lowered the price again. 

Okay, time to change the subject.

In other news, my belly is still getting bigger, and we're getting close to finding out if this is a boy or a girl...hooray!  (James is still pretty sure it's a girl...)  I don't really care which it is, but I want to know so that I can start making some plans and choosing things.  (Hear that?  I'm talking as if I have money to go buy stuff...ha, ha, ha!) 

Belle still doesn't understand that she's going to be a big sister, even though I've talked to her about how there's a baby in mommy's belly.  Any time I mention it, she pulls up her shirt to show me her belly button and then hands me a baby doll.  I guess the whole connection between "belly" and "baby" isn't intuitive.  I can't really blame her, since it seems strange to me sometimes, too.  I guess she'll figure it out when Peanut makes an appearance during the summer. 


Athalia Jane said...

Very cute. I have to agree with you, it's hard for adults to fathom what having children brings, so it only seems reasonable that children themselves would be equally clueless. ;)

Kristen said...

It seems strange to me to think about having another one. I just find it amazing that I could love another baby as much as the one I've already got.

Vicky said...

Trust me--you will love them just as much. Each family member brings something special to the mix and you need all of the ingredients to make your family complete.