Monday, April 16, 2012


Belle has become quite a talker in the past several months.  James and I really love to hear her talk (most of the time) because it allows us a window into her tiny little heart.  Here are a few things she's been saying lately...

"Mama/Daddy, LOOK!  I'm doin' it!" - translation = "Aren't you proud of me?"

"Stop it." - I'm not sure she knows what this means, because she doesn't really say it to anyone.  She just walks around whispering it under her breath. 

"NO!" - Thankfully, she doesn't actually say this to us much anymore.  (I think she learned not to do that.)  But when she gets frustrated about something, she often punishes her stuffed bunny rabbit and tells him "no," while simultaneously inflicting corporal punishment on him.  It's hilarious. 

"Mama/Daddy, I wanna hold you." - translation = I need you to pick me up and cuddle me and make me feel secure.  She's been saying this a lot the past few weeks since we sold the house.  I have to admit that I LOVE finally having a little girl who wants me to cuddle her.  She's never been very cuddly because she was always too busy running around.

"Ta-Da!!" - translation = "Delight in me!!!  Tell me that I'm wonderful!!"  - We hear this one several times a day, and we're not always sure what she actually did, but it's still easy to tell her how great she is.

"All Right!" - translation = "I'm happy!"  We hear this a lot...whether it's because she got some juice or because she gets to go play with a favorite friend.  I love my happy girl.

"I want night night."  - translation = put me to bed.  Yes, she actually tells us that she's tired and wants to go to bed.  It's awesome.

"Puh-weese?" - this is her version of "please."  We hear it a lot, since she doesn't get things without saying it.

She also talks a lot about her friends and family, and she calls them by the following names:
"Weesa" - her aunt Lisa
"Talow" - Tyler
"Maween" - Madeline
"A-Tate" - Anna Kate
"Viyet" - Violet
"Mayen" - Meghan
"Tom" - pretty much every kid in our family says Tom's name first 
"Tatie" - Katie
"Missa Marssa" - Mary Martha
"Towie" - Chloe
"A-pil" - April
"A-Beta" - Rebecca
"Lilly" - Lillian
"Panut" - Peanut Butter (he's a dog)
"Pawik" - Patrick
"GG" "Papa" "Doo" and "Nana" - her grandparents
"Deowy" - Gerry

...and many more...


Vicky said...

She is a joy! Must be easy to clap when she says "ta da"! Can't wait for her (her parents) to move closer.

Meghan said...

Awww! "Mayen" loves her so much!

April Barber said...

She said "Ta Da" when she was here last time a lot. I was like "where did that come from?" so cute. C has started saying too just like her!