Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So Mr. Dodge Durango has decided that he doesn't feel like paying to fix my car. Fortunately I have a police report with all of his insurance information, so I just called his insurance company and filed my claim with them. They probably won't be as difficult to deal with because I have all the proof and documentation. Plus if THEY don't want to deal with me I can complain to the government because that would be insurance fraud.

So I'm trying to work on this paper for my Legal Profession ethics class. We had to read this book called The Verdict and discuss the ethics issues that come up in the story. It's a REALLY old book from like 1980 and it's not even in print anymore, so the professor had to get special permission to copy it for us. It's pretty good - not quite as good as John Grisham books, but I still liked it.

Hopefully my paper will get a good grade since it's half my grade for the course...