Saturday, January 03, 2009


This was our first Christmas away from our families, but we still had a great day. Here are some pictures!

Our tree...nine feet tall!!

James sitting by the presents, under the tree

The present pile - we had things to open from each other, my parents, James's parents, all of our brothers and sisters, and my grandmother!

James and Max were eager to open presents, but I made them pose for a few pictures first.

My nana sent me a pretty white tea set!

Pretty flower arrangement from Rita Riley

Chocolate reindeer on each place setting at the table...

We had friends over for Christmas brunch, and this was the table setting...

Stockings...(guess which one belongs to Max?)

Max put on his reindeer ears for a few minutes...

James plays with his toys under the tree.

Tired after a long, fun day...

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