Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Stove

James gave me a new stove for the kitchen as a Christmas gift, and I love are the before and after pictures...

This was the old stove that came with our house. The burners tilted to the side, and several of the buttons and knobs were missing...

You can tell how old and rusty it was...

This burner was the worst - all the contents of your pan would slide to one side b/c the burner wouldn't lay flat.

The clock/timer was broken, of course.


Digital read-out with all kinds of fun buttons!

Cast iron burner grates with gas burners.

Huge oven...5.2 square feet!

I am delighted, to say the least!


Meghan said...

Hahaha, our stove isn't as old as yours was but it definitely has the tilting burners problem. And it cooks more on the food in the back of the oven than the front. But what can I say-it's apartment issue. Maybe one day I can get a gorgeous stove with gas burners like yours! I did laugh though when I saw the clock/timer on your old one! hahahaha so funny.

Robyn said...

Too cute :). And yeah for gas burners--I hate electric burners for that reason; they get all out of wack.

I'm sure James is excited too--think of all the food you'll cook now that'll turn out better than before.
Miss you guys!