Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing Up!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost six months since we brought home our tiny little girl.  She went for her six month checkup with the pediatrician on Tuesday, and she only weighs 13 pounds and 7 ounces.  What a dainty little thing she is!  That made me think about how much she's grown, and I started to look back through our pictures to see the changes.

 This was taken the day that she was born - so teeny tiny!

And this one was after she got her first bath at the hospital - in her new nightgown.

A couple of weeks later, we took her for some formal pictures, and she was already holding up her head!

What a sweetie this girl interactive.

The next month, she started to play with us a lot more.

She loves a good laugh!

In May, we took her to the beach, and she loved to watch the waves...

We even took her to watch her cousins play mini golf.

Beach portrait...

In June, the giggles ripened into full-blown laughter.

What a sweet little snuggle girl.

She started grabbing silverware and trying to eat adult food...

What a goofball...

In July, she also started working on her crawling.  

She also started eating solid food!

In July, we did a new photo shoot with Aunt Meghan,  and Ella sat up for the occasion.

I love how she stares intently at her world...

She also started sitting in her Bumbo seat!

In August, she started talking more!

Those big blue eyes are so sweet, and her hair is getting longer and curlier!

James and I took her to her first gun show, and she had a great time giggling at all the men behind the booths and looking at the stuff on the tables.

This month, she also started to be big enough to sit in the big-girl stroller!

What an adorable face!

Soon, I will post pictures of her first tooth, which broke through the skin yesterday!!!  What a big girl.  I wonder what the next six months will bring!


tom said...

I'm convinced that I've got the most awesome nieces in the world.

No one's been able to prove me wrong..!

Vicky said...

I love that last picture posted in the story--sooo pretty!