Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Melon Head

Our vegetable garden this summer was weird.  Really weird.  Some things did well, but most things did very poorly.  For instance, our bush beans turned out to be climbing beans (Burpee labeled them wrong, I guess) and they didn't produce anything.  I will rip them out shortly.  Also, the tomatoes, which are usually the star of the show, pretty much did NOTHING.  Out of 7 plants, I got a grand total of one tomato.  The rest of them stayed green, and the squirrels ate them.


We found great consolation, however in our garden experiment, which was a success.  James decided to grow a watermelon plant in his plot, and last week we picked our very first melon!!!

Take a look:

She was a beauty, and she was HUGE!

 When we cut her open, she had lovely pink/red flesh inside that was so juicy.

 James was so proud!

We both ate some, and it was GOOD.  (I don't even like watermelon, but I liked this one.)

 No, we didn't eat the whole thing...we shared with friends.  But we ate our share, and it was yummy!  

There are more of them out on the vine right now, and I think we'll probably plant this one again next summer.

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