Saturday, January 22, 2011

Covington Christmas

For the past three years, James had to work on Christmas, so we had to stay in St. Louis.  I guess I could have gone home, but I didn't want to leave him here all alone, so I decided to stay. 

Not this year!

We headed to Georgia for a good old fashioned family Christmas, and it was GREAT!  Everyone came, and we had so much fun hanging out with the gang.

Miss Belle wore her Christmas pyjamas and spent lots of time playing with her Papa!

 She also loved her Uncle Jonathan, who knows a lot about making little girls giggle!

The cousins waiting to go down the stairs on Christmas morning to see all the presents!

Lisa almost got lost sitting in the middle of the pile!

 James got a shotgun!!  Mossberg 500 home and field combo!!

 Of course, we made a trip to Mamie's with Tommy and Patty McFarlin...yum!!

Ella loves her cousin, Madeline, who helped a lot with diapers and bottles!

Sweet picture with GG.

Tom reveals his true identity...

Meghan got a KitchenAid Mixer!!!

AK47 got a new bike, as did all the big kids.

 relaxing in a warm kitchen sink bath...

Jordan, Sarah and Raph hanging out amid their stash!

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