Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dr. Meyer's Office

We love our pediatrician!  She came highly recommended before Ella was born, and she has lived up to her reputation.  When Ella had jaundice for two weeks after her birth, Dr. Meyer spent lots of time each day on the phone with the home health nurse, checking on the baby's progress...even on her days off!  She's also very sweet and patient with me as a new mom...and with all my questions =)

I thought that I would document a trip to the doctor's office, so on Ella's 9 month appointment, I took the camera along...

First, we always check out the baby in the mirror...

Here's a picture to prove that I was there!

Hey, what's this funny thing on the wall?

 getting Ella's height measured...

 big head?

 Ella loves the scale because she thinks it's some kind of ride!

Dr. Meyer checks out that tiny heartbeat =)

 So much fun, even when we end up having to get shots!!


April Barber said...

You are so lucky. Chloe SCREAMS when she sees the nurse, when she gets weighed, she she gets measured, when the doctor examines her, and when she gets her shots. So, pretty much the whole time except, when she gets to see the fish in the waiting room and when she gets her cookie when we check out. Want to go with me next time to see what you are missing?

Kristen said...

Ha, ha, ha! I'll go with you for moral support anytime! Just let me know when her next check-up is =)