Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flash, Mayhem, and Other Updates

So I ordered a new camera...finally.  It should come next week, and then hopefully we'll have pictures again!  Meanwhile, the old broken point and shoot has been relegated to the toy bin, where Ella uses it to futher her budding photography career.


Actually, she has been chewing on it, with the result that she's getting a new tooth in this week.  =)

The new camera is supposed to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday...very exciting!  I decided to order a Nikon D3100 from Amazon.  It looks like I ordered it just in time, too, because the price is now a lot higher than it was last week!  Anyway...we're pretty excited! 

In other news, Ella has acquired a new nickname.  James has started calling her "Mayhem" and it is oddly fitting.  She's like a tornado...everything she touches ends up on the floor.  From where I am currently sitting, I can see every hairbow she owns scattered across her bedroom, mixed with the full contents of her pyjama drawer, which is now empty.  She has pulled all of her books off the bookshelf, and she emptied her shoes onto the floor.  Her buddy is lying underneath the crib, and she turned the trash can upside down. 

Seriously, where's a camera when you need one, huh?

Of course, the mess would be much worse if she hadn't accidentaly shut us both into her bedroom when she pulled the hairbows down.  She would probably be on top of the table in the playroom if she wasn't shut in here with me!  Yes, folks, that means that she's learned how to climb...she must be related to Jordan Patton, the notorious toddler/climber extraordinaire.  (You should hear the stories that Mom tells of Jordan's amazing climbing feats.)  We must be related to circus folk.

But I digress.

Oh, I'd better go...I need to go save the lamp that she's trying to smash on the floor.

I'll be back.

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