Sunday, April 17, 2011

Following Blogs?

So I recently discovered that I've got two people "following" my blog.  I think this means that when I post something, they get an email about it.  (Or a text message, or something.)  Do you follow my blog?  Would you like to?  I'd be happy to have as many people follow as would like to.

I'm curious about people who "follow" blogs.  I follow a bunch of them, but I track them on the sidebar of my blog over here --------->

It might be much more efficient to get an email when a blog I read has been updated.  That would be cool.


tom said...

I use Reader but I'm also sync a bunch of stuff with Google.

Still, it allows you to pull in all of your favorite blogs and displays only when they're updated. Once you've read them (or if you opt to mark as read), it'll remove them from the list of what's available to read :).

Kristen said...

That's cool, Tom. Is that that thing that Meghan uses that she's told me about? See how many times I said "that" in that sentence? Ha, ha?

Meghan said...

Hey Kristen. I would be the other person following your blog. haha And yes, RSS is what I use. I might write a blog post about it just to explain more. =)