Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Bunny

Meet the Bunny.

He is an integral part of our lives.  Bunny came to us in a Christmas package from Ella's Nana and Dude (James's parents), and the moment that she saw him, she dropped everything, hugged him, and ran off to play with him.  I don't think she's willingly put him down since. 

He's her best friend, her comforter, and her playmate.  When she gets in trouble, so does Bunny.  She spanks him, loves him, puts diapers on him, and even wipes his nose for him when she has a cold.  She isn't allowed to take him to bed with her, because he can't seem to stop talking and playing when the lights are out, so he keeps Ella from going to sleep.  Maybe when he's a little older, he'll be able to sleep in the bed with her, but for now, she tucks him into his bed with his blanket before getting into her own.

Bunny loves to watch Curious George, too...

He's a good buddy.


Vicky said...

Love this post...such a good friend for such a sweet little girl!

Katie Baird said...

I love Bunny :)