Friday, October 08, 2010

Of Puppies and Princesses

Since we had the baby, lots of people have asked us how she and Max are getting along.  Max is notoriously barky and jumpy, and he does not like other four-legged creatures around his house.  How would he handle having a baby crawling on the floor?  Well, he's doing pretty well.

Today, I came into the living room to find him finishing up some work on my laptop...

Which, of course, wore him out!

Ella crawled over to see what he was up to.

 Hey man, what's up?

Wanna hang out?

Max isn't so sure about this.

Hey wait a minute, puppy.  Where you going?

Oh well!

That's right, folks.  Our 65+ lb attack dog is afraid of our 14 lb baby.  Fully old world, isn't it?

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