Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Ever since the weather started to cool off a little bit at the end of September, I have been on a mission.

A pumpkin mission.

I wanted to dress Ella up in her pumpkin dress (courtesy of my Mom) and take her to get some pumpkin patch pictures.  There was only one problem - where to find the patch?  In St. Louis, we have pumpkins galore, but since it's a city, there aren't a lot of pumpkins growing in the non-existent middle-of-the-city fields.  A week ago, we drove WAY out into the country to find a patch that I had located on the internet, but when we got there, it was disappointing.  Despite their grand online promises of pumpkins galore, they were actually more of a corn maze with a small pile of pumpkins on the side.


Well, this past week I was delighted to find out that the Prouhet Farm, where we buy our fresh vegetables each weekend, had a pumpkin patch!  YAY!  Sunday afternoon, we headed out there for pictures.

The Prouhet Farm is awesome.  They'll even let you pick your own stuff if you want, which I love.  It's been there since the 1800's.

When we got there, I was excited to see all the pumpkins...

Here's a picture of James in the farmstand, where they sell the pre-picked stuff.

They also had some pretty mums for sale.

This fella was pulling the hayride cart.

The spinach was piled high on the counter in baskets...

And this guy was giving pony rides.  Too bad that Ella was too little, because she was fascinated by him!  Maybe next year.

She was also fascinated by this big red tractor.

This was her reaction when we didn't let her climb on the tractor...

...which of course cracked her up...

A picture of her pretty smocked pumpkin dress, which her GG bought for her!

Then we played with the pumpkins!

Ella was trying to figure out what these big orange things were.

 Then we went into the patch to find a good pumpkin for our house.  Ella liked this one.

"Hey, Daddy!  Can I have this one for my room?"

She decided to hitch a ride in the cart with the pumpkins on the way back to the farmstand!

 So cute!

What a fun day!

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Meghan said...

So fun!! How stinkin' cute is Ella!? haha And you look gorgeous. I loved looking at James and Ella playing together too. Fun post!