Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tutu Much!

I've seen a lot on the internet about tutus, so I thought I'd show the gorgeous one that my Aunt Crystal bought for Ella.  She got it over the summer, but until now, it's been too big to stay up on the baby's almost nonexistent hips.  However, I pulled it out this fall to see how it fits now.

It's perfect!!

Of course, the first thing Ella did was try to see how it tasted.

Then she pouffed it out and took it for a

 What a thrilling new toy!

She felt so pretty in it that for once, I didn't have any trouble getting her to pose!

 Of course, like she does with all her new toys, eventually, she decided to show it to the other child in the family...Max! 

I don't think he got the point, though, because he got up and walked off.

Undaunted, she went back to primping for the camera...

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