Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grocery Adventures

Not long ago, a girl who works with me at the seminary discovered that she's having twins.  She already has a little girl, so she's wanting to sell a bunch of her baby stuff and get some "twin" stuff.  One thing she unloaded that I picked up was a grocery cart cover.  This week, at the store, Ella decided to try it out.

The color is a little over-the-top, but she LOVES it!  Right now, she's able to sit up really well, but she's not steady enough to stay sitting on her own. After awhile, she reaches for something far away, and down she goes.  This cart cover is great because she gets strapped in, and it keeps her supported as she sits in the grocery cart.  It's also machine washable, sanitary, padded, and super comfortable.

She also likes to hold my wallet and keys for me, and I let her keep them in the cart with her. Unfortunately, they're now getting teeth marks.

With our small house, we don't have much room for baby gear, but I think that this one is a keeper.  It folds down into a small, self-contained bag, and I just throw it into the trunk for the next trip to the store.  Of course, I only paid $4 for it, instead of $30!!

What baby gear do you love best?


roxi said...

The ultimate crib sheet! Snaps around the rails on top of the crib mattress so you don't have to pick it up/remove the bumpers etc. ! Awesome!

Kristen said...

That is awesome! I've got a couple of those, and they really do work well. Are you all ready for your new little one?

Meghan said...

I love the B.O.B. stroller.

And I love the grocery buggy seat that you just bought. $4 is a steal!! Those things are awesome, especially for babies who want to bite everything, including the buggy. Ick.

roxi said...

getting ready....find out next week what "it" is! Will keep you posted!

Kristen said...

Yeah, Ella would certainly try to eat the cart handle and probably get some nasty virus every time I take her to the store. I think we'll keep using the cart cover for now!

Roxi, I'm DYING to know what your little one will be!!!