Friday, September 17, 2010


I love silver.  And I love candlesticks.  And I love family heirlooms.

I REALLY love silver candlesticks that are family heirlooms.

This summer, my Nana died, and over the past few months, my mom has been going through 50+ years of things that are left in her house.  It's a big job, to put it mildly.  She saved a couple of things for each of her children, and she gave me the silver candlesticks.  They were pretty tarnished, since my Nana was much too busy to shine them up, but I love to polish silver, so that's no problem.

Look at the gorgeous detail in these babies:

I got out my silver cream and polished up those candlesticks, so that I can put them in the dining room and enjoy them.

Here's what they looked like before....

And here's the difference between the shiny one and the tarnished one!
They aren't perfect of course.  In fact, they've got some significant dents in them.  But I love that, because it means that they've been loved and used, rather than packed away in a drawer somewhere and never enjoyed.  That's something that I learned from my adventuresome Nana's full life...don't wait for a special day to live your life.  Do it now.

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Meghan said...

Gorgeous! I need to get some of that silver polish!!