Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hunting Man

James enjoys a lot of hobbies. He likes to box, wrestle, fish, eat, garden, shoot guns, and many other things. Well recently, he started a new hobby - bow hunting. He has a Bear Montana longbow, and this weekend, he took it out for a spin. Bow hunting season starts at the beginning of September in Missouri, and he went out to Pacific Palisades in search of rabbits and squirrels.

Camo boots and snake gaiters...supposedly those are snakebite-proof.

Packing up the bags to head out into the wilderness...

The "leafy bug" camo jacket.

that's right, folks - he's for real

Max checking it all out...

His arrows with the broadhead tips attached.

Those arrowheads are mean lookin' aren't they? They're SHARP, too.

That's my man!

He didn't get anything on that first afternoon of hunting, since it was pretty windy outside. Apparently, that blows your scent to all of the animals, and they run away from you. Well, maybe next time!!

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Meghan said...

He could always try putting animal pee on himself to disguise the scent. Disgusting, but it's supposed to help.