Monday, September 27, 2010


Most people who know James are already very aware that he LOVES fighting.  He's been fighting for eleven years, and even now he often will spend an hour at the fight gym in south St. Louis several nights a week.  Boxing, wrestling, grappling, kicking, choking, punching...he is good at it all.

What a lot of people don't know is that I also love fighting.  I don't really love doing the fighting, but I do love watching it.  We used to watch the Japanese fight contests called Pride, but eventually the Japanese mafia (who ran Pride) got shut down by the government, and their assets got seized, so the fight club ended.  It's been replaced by a different one called Dream, but it's not very good.  The one that we really like now is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, commonly known as the UFC.  We watched this eleven years ago, long before it was very popular, but now it has gotten to be fairly mainstream.

Usually when there's going to be a good UFC card on television, our friends Brendan and Steve come over.  I make dinner for everybody, and then we all watch the show.  It works well for us because we can put the baby to bed, and also they contribute some money so that we don't have to pay for everything ourselves.  Frankly, one of my favorite things about the arrangement is listening to Brendan's running commentary on the event.  He spends a ridiculous amount of time reading up on the people ahead of time, so he has HILARIOUS things to add during the event.

Fighting, food, and friends.  It doesn't get much better than that!

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sokkz said...

Agreed! A good, MMA card is great entertainment in any form -- pay-per-view, live, or even ad-supported primetime TV. I think what I miss most about PRIDE, however, is the insane production value. Those guys knew how to put on a SHOW. You burned half your adrenaline out just watching the intros to major PRIDE events. Let's hope UFC notices how important it is to have a good intro.